School Supply List

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Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

1- Box of Crayons 24 Pakeage

2- Pink Erasers

1- Package of Washable Makers 8 Pack

4- Glue sticks

1- Bottle of Washable school glue

2- Boxes of Kleenex

1- Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

1- Pair of School Scissors

1- Plastic Pocket folders

2- Primary Composition Books

2- Wide Rule Spiral Bound Notebook

1- 3x5 Index Cards ( Any amount)

1- 12 package No. 2 Pencils (KIndergarten Larger pencils Dixon Primary- Size Wood Caes Beginner From Staples)

1- Package of Paper towels ( Select A/ Make a size)


Please write your name on these Items before bringing them to school:

Water Bottle- Write Students name on it with Permanent Marker

Set of extra clothes with names on tags

Crayon box/ Pencil Box

Hat/ Cap for outdoor activities